DevOps Notts
Tuesday 31st March, 2020
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DevOps Notts is a meetup designed to bring together those interested in DevOps and cloud native tech, culture, practices and tooling. As a group we strive to build a community of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering fans, innovators, implementors and experts from all sectors and levels.

So if you're a junior developer, just have a passion for tech or you're a C-Level Executive DevOps Nottingham brings everyone together to build a community, to share knowledge, best practices and ideas. Together we can collaborate to make Nottingham the DevOps capital of the UK!

DevOps Notts


Join us with this month's speakers!

Colin Powers

Senior Software Team Lead, geoSLAM

Hani Momeninia

Founder, Invest Cyber

Salman Chishti

Microsoft Intern and Student Partner

DevOps Notts are always looking for speakers - no matter how experienced. Maybe you'd even like to run a session or workshop or it could be as simple as "look at this cool thing I found!" Get in touch on Slack or contact us if you'd like to speak at one of our events.

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DevOps Notts would like to thank the following people for their independent contributions to the meetup. Our meetup would not be what it is without them!

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